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watchers why you no comment by Justicewolf337


Firstly hello I have been following this comic for nearly a few months and the theme of it was amazing it has a futuristic gladiator th...

Ok Firstly hello how are you doing today good I'm guessing that's cool , Now I've already went back to the first chapter of this comic ...

Ok firstly hello glad to see you again and as you could have already tell that ever since my eyes wandered off into actually reading th...

Team Kickback_Ruby by Animewave-Neo

I am going to be one hundred percent honest to say I love ruby alongside felicia , she's the funniest character because of her potentia...



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Israel Rodriguez
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

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Plant Spirit - Colours by AlectorFencer

I am Israel Rodriguez my favorite music are the Beatles, metallica, slayer I am a very quiet but nice guy that likes to dra animals, videogames, superheroes anything I like animals such as wolves, foxes, dogs, and horse's because they fascinate me most of the time. My favorite food is in n out burgers, taco bell, McDonald's, and etc. My favorite music are the beatles, metallica, slayer and led zeppelin. My favorite video games are injustice gods among us, the starfox franchise, call of duty ghosts, and the new game my friend ryne put it is called outrun Dal which is actually fun . My favorite characters are superman, batman,
batgirl, spiderman, naruto, kurama, hagoromo the sage of six paths
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inkarch grim reaper by Justicewolf337
Screaming skull by Justicewolf337
Skeleton of society by Justicewolf337
Dying inside by Justicewolf337
Undead milo by Justicewolf337
Fozzy sin and bones stencil by Justicewolf337
Anyone who is Fan of skulls or day of the dead  i could do them traditionally right from my sketchbook
3D birthday poster
Happy birthday diego-kawasaka from alisa by Justicewolf337
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Happy birthday Bootiebun from alisa by Justicewolf337
Happy 23rd birthday Clair cooper from rocket 3 of by Justicewolf337
Happy 21st birthday Danilo7  from alisa by Justicewolf337
Happy 23rd birthday Clair cooper from carmelita by Justicewolf337
Hello everybody I have been doing birthday posters for about 5 years and I have decided to actually make some commissions for them i Could do than just perspective drawings i could do full body or illusion posters and I am only doing these to brighten up some people's day and maybe a little help on points
  • Listening to: the beatles while my guitar gently weeps
  • Reading: Extinctioners
  • Watching: bar rescue
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Hello everybody my name is justice and I'm just giving you guys an update as to what has been happening for these past few months and I might address some health issues I'm going through as well as some unwanted experiences during my time here on deviantart and basically a reflection. First off I have graduated from high school in may for some who didn't get the message or seen the photos and so far I've been relaxing during my summer vacation and I managed to see some awesome movies such as batman v superman, Deadpool, zootopia,  neighbors 2, captain america civil war,  war craft,  the huntsman winter's war ,and suicide squad and the new ghostbusters and I got to say they're all pretty good in my opinion of course,  right now I'm currently going to be in college in a couple of weeks  but throughout these times I've been making new art pieces with my aunts tablet and they're coming out great  , but now here comes the bad news I've been dealing with certain issues mainly my eye sight and some issues with certain artist on this site mainly because its causing my anxiety and stress grow into headaches and mental breakdowns . Firstly I've been working on drawings non stop ever since my time out school and its got to the point where I'm actually beginning to lose sight in my left eye but I don't let that stop me from getting the art to you guys  but all I get is one passionate comment and a few others even when majority of them are gifts for some of you  it hurts me really really bad that I the time out of my life to make a gift and even get a thank you from some of you that is not fair at all  but I still try to keep you guys entertained with some drawings and which leads me to my second issue and this to the majority of my watchers and its that some of need help because I noticed some of you have issues of your own and it pisses me off  because I live with it , I have trouble sleeping because of you guys and you know who you are and some of you think that I would simply accept a little apologie for it  well you are wrong  and some of you need to grow up little bit  and my big Question is 

What the hell am i attracting here cause it seems like I'm attracting cry babies and weirdos not even the creative weirdos just plain weird 

And I know I asked this question before so I'll ask you again 

Why do you watch me ? Is it because of me or is it because of the art  and answer with full honesty this time please 

And that's all I needed to tell you guys  so I'll see you all in the next drawing Bye-bye
Ok firstly hello everybody  my name is justicewolf and I'm here to actually ask you guys a question that has been in my mind for quite some time now and I just got to know  and please be honest with your answers for whoever sees this  and my question is

Why do you guys watch me? 

Is it  because of the art or because of me since I've noticed a couple new people watching me which I appreciate but I'm just curious as to why do you watch me ?

Also I've been doing good mostly just relaxing  ,  out of high school,  doing drawings, designs and other stuff as well as  bringing you new pieces of my Characters including Alisa, shadow, emily, mawgrim etc. 

And that's pretty much all I have to say and please answer the question 

Thank you for your support and I'll see you in the next drawing Bye-bye

-:iconjusticewolf337:  ;-)
Well I'm about to lose my core membership in any minute right now and I don't know what to do , 

Farewell my friends I'm not sure where to go from here
Well today was a relaxing and fun day today for the moment because it was taco Tuesday Aww yeah , but I seem to have a problem with my left eye and this is the end for me  I'm poor again Farewell Core membership :-(
Oh Nuuuuu,  I'm going to lose my core membership in 4 weeks and I have no more points  please help me out

Anybody if you don't Alisa is going to starve please  Inkay Alisa Coming undone by Justicewolf337 its already starting help please
Hello everybody you would never believe what I just saw i  got a chance to watch Warcraft and its amazing  and the effects they used were  impressive especially on the griffin 
Hello everybody um I know that its been awhile since I posted on how am I doing , well I'm doing good  i am actually just relaxing for a little bit but I am actually going to sign up for college soon so wish me luck and  my core membership is almost about end but I can't really do anything about it so yeah the symbol at the end of my username will vanish damn
Thank you for everything
Firstly hello everyone its good to see you all and today was fun i got to relax the whole time at school, saw a hypnotist show and was funny as hell , and I got a chance to go to a party at school since its my last year in high school and I danced and it was fun . And I couldn't have made without you guys  giving me a chance to break out of my shell  thank you , thank you so much 
Firstly hello everyone its good to see you all and today was fun i got to relax the whole time at school, saw a hypnotist show and was funny as hell , and I got a chance to go to a party at school since its my last year in high school and I danced and it was fun . And I couldn't have made without you guys  giving me a chance to break out of my shell  thank you , thank you so much 
Alisa's Tears by Justicewolf337

 Shadow wolf  full body by Justicewolf337 shadow's tears by Justicewolf337  

Hello is anybody there oh yeah that's right its just me as if I  was expecting someone  i don't matter I'm just another face in the crowd , *sigh *

Should I quit?
     My Furrynetwork profile by Justicewolf337

Hello everybody I recently noticing the issue with furaffinity for some of my friends  i however actually managed to successfully change my password to my account but just to be safe i made a Furrynetwork account as a backup plan and its fun to use  please come and follow me on Furrynetwork link is below…
Hello everybody I know what you are thinking is this new the truth is I actually made this little slideshow with just art and music in the background about 3 years ago and tell me what do you guys think about the video

Hello everybody  I have been needing to share with you guys what's been going on with me , let's just say at first it was going good cause I'm almost done with high school,  but my head has been hurting, my  eyes are soar have been for 2 days already, literally felt like I was having a heart attack , but I'm still stopping by and to say I hope you guys are ok 
*sigh*   everytime i come online there's always my good old friend mr. Silence with me and he's  apparently working on everything around me , all I hear and see is silence  what's the point me to keep trying  it seems no matter what its always going to be the same nothing but silence , loneliness ,and isolation because all I'm feeling is isolation from you guys  , sorta like " pfft just ignore him or I'm too busy .  Even when I take time out of my day to help you guys out and all I get is more silence , I'm going insane from all silence , but fuck me , who gives a fuck what i say I'm just a outcast among you guys.  . FUCK ME FUCK ME but I have a sense that nobody cares

Yeah if you're going to  purposely ignore me or give me this silence just 

 Don't talk to me , just block me already and let me be alone  to suffer through my isolation and silence. 

Good night  and good bye
Hey everybody this is something I have been needing to get off my chest lately,  but I'm so sorry , I've been going through some issues in the past weeks and I discovered that I have anxiety attacks and it has left me weakened to the point where I just pass out  and I know some of you are probably busy with your own lives but ask for my pack of the :iconartistunityclub:  to forgive me  , FORGIVE ME MY FRIENDS 

If anyone reads this I'm sorry I'm so sorry :-( 
Holy Sh*t i have over 666 submissions oh Nuuuuu , but at the same time yay
I got a chance to see Batman v superman yesterday and it was great but that doomsday was extremely ugly  and they aren't using the same guy  as flash  from the series ,  I hope civil war will clean the image of that doomsday out of my head

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Commission :: Alisa the super wolf by Nafyo-Toons

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